Adult Program

Respect Behavior Therapy extends specialized treatment programs designed to meet the unique needs of adults and seniors facing mental health issues, social challenges, emotional and mood disorders, life struggles, and various psychological, sociological, and emotional difficulties associated with adult life. When issues threaten to disrupt relationships and impact careers, seeking help becomes paramount, and Respect Behavior Therapy is here to provide support.

Our adult and senior treatment programs prioritize individualized care, recognizing the nuanced nature of adult life struggles. The treatment journey commences with a comprehensive evaluation/assessment, crucial for identifying underlying psychological, social, or life issues. Subsequently, our dedicated team, led by licensed/certified mental health therapists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, and program specialists, collaborates to create person-centered treatment care plans tailored to each client's needs.

For adults with co-occurring disorders involving substance abuse, Respect Behavior Therapy provides specialized treatment administered by certified substance abuse counselors. We understand the intricate interplay of psychological and substance-related challenges and are committed to offering comprehensive and compassionate care to help adults regain control of their lives.

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